Submit your Blog Sitemap to Google

By following this Tutorial you will be able to submit sitemap of your blogger blog to Google using Google webmaster tools, and this will take less than 5 minutes to finish.

Following are benefits of Submitting your Blog Sitemap to Google Search Engine
  • Regular indexing of your blog
  • Regular indexing of your Latest posts
  • Increase in sites traffic as a result of more indexing
So for whom you are waiting for , Submit your Blog Sitemap to Google by following the steps below:

1. Sign in to Google webmaster tools, Click here to Sign in

2. Now Click on "Add New Site" as shown below.

3. Insert Your Blogs URL Address.

4. Then you will be asked to verify your Blogger blog, select any one whichever you want and verify your Blog.

5. Since you have Verified your Site, Know you are going to Submit your Sitemap by following to left side of your webpage.

6. Below Dashboard goto "Site configuration">>"Sitemaps" >> Now Click on "Submit a Sitemap" as shown below

7. On the Sitemaps page in Webmaster Tools type either atom.xml or rss.xml into the box provided to extend the displayed URL and click on the "Submit Sitemap" button. Images are shown below for your reference

8. After doing all steps peerfectly you will be directed to a page will then display a message indicating that your sitemap submission is pending.

9. It will be Approved within 24 hours .

10. Since you have your sitemap in place you can look forward to increased traffic as more visitors will now be able to find your Blog on Google Search Engine.

You are Done !!! Happy Blogging.

Add Paypal Donate button to Blogger

If you are planning to insert a PayPal donation box on your blog’s sidebar or any other place then follow the below mentioned steps. PayPal Donation button looks as image shown on right side.

1. Sign in to your PayPal account or Create yourself a new PayPal account

2. After Signing in Click on "Merchant Services" Tab

3. Now Click on "Donations" which is displayed on right hand side in List of Key features.

4. Fill up the Form in Donation Page and Select the PayPal button style, then Click on "Create Button Now"

5. After Clicking on "Create Button Now" you will be redirected to paypal donation button code page.Copy the code and Paste it to your blog.

You are Done !!! Happy Blogging.

How to Recover (Undelete, Restore) a Deleted Blog

In Today's Tutorial we are going to learn "How to Recover (Undelete, Restore) a Deleted Blogg in Blogger Blogspot". Follow the Instruction as shown below.

1. First "Login" to your Blogger account

2. You will be Redirected to Dashboard of your Blog.

3. Now, to recover a deleted blog Click on "Show all" as shown in image below

4. Then the whole list of blogs, including the deleted blog, will be displayed as shown below

5. Just Click on "Undelete this blog" which you want to recover and you are done !!! Happy Blogging

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